Going Through The DCAU Part Fifteen

Remember when this came out once a week or so?

Yup, time for more cartoon talk with Jimmy and Tom.

This time, we’re covering the Batman The Animated Series episodes “What Is Reality?” “I Am The Night,” and “Off Balance”.

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New Batsoup Footage Tonight During The Mid-Season Finale Of Gotham

Well, hello Diana.

On tonight’s mid-season finale of Gotham, Warner Brothers will try to steal some of the snowballing Star Wars hype by releasing some new footage of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Don’t forget to check it out.

And after the break, some of the cast of Gotham give their picks on who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman.

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Gabbing Geek 55: Not A Fangirl

Gabbing Geek 55: Not A Fangirl
Gabbing Geek 55: Not A Fangirl

Gabbing Geek episode 55 is not what you’d expect–if you were expecting the promised Geek Book Club about Fangirl.  That has been unexpectedly delayed to episode 56 and you’ll find out exactly why.  We also talk about Lego Dimensions, Gotham, the Martian (movie version!), and play an alien trivia game.  Give the episode a listen right now or jump after the break to find out more!

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Long Overdue Bat-Credit


Anyone whose ever read a Batman comic in the past I don’t know how many years, or seen a Batman movie or cartoon since at least Michael Keaton donned a rubber suit, has possibly seen a credit somewhere that read, “Batman created by Bob Kane.”

DC Entertainment recently announced a change to that by-line, a long overdue one in the minds of many fans.

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TV Trailer: Gotham Season Two


Do you watch Gotham?

I don’t.  The pilot bored me.  But there’s a trailer after the cut if you’re not like me.  You know who isn’t like me?  Jimmy.  Do you know who keeps telling me to watch Gotham?  Jimmy.  Eh, I’ll probably have another DCAU chat with him up later today.

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Straight Outta Gotham



I don’t think this would have made $60 million at the box office this past weekend, but Jenny voiced Bane along with his partners in crime Joker, Two-Face and The Riddler have a rap message for Batman and Robin after the break.

(NSFW language.  The language is not sufficient for work.)

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Going Through The DCAU: Batman’s Origin

3504858-6186538201-tumblTom is on vacation this week, so we are taking a break from our DC Animated Universe rewatch.

If you’ve been following along on our rewatch (and really, why wouldn’t you be?) you’ve noticed that one of the things I constantly bring up is the lack of origin story appearing in Batman: The Animated Series.  According to the writer’s bible for the show, this was intentional.

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Gabbing Geek Will Return After A Word From Our Sponsors

commercial-breakAfter the break check out new teaser commercials for Fear The Walking Dead and Gotham.

The Walking Dead spin-off debuts on AMC on August 23rd.  Gotham will return to Fox for season two on September 21st.

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Gotham Season Two: Rise Of The Villians Teasers

Let’s put a smile on that face!

Fox has started rolling out the promos for season Two of Gotham.  Catch them after the break.

The season has the subtitle “Rise of the Villians”.  Obviously Penguin and Catwoman will be back.  And expect to see Riddler, Two-Face and Joker at some point in the near future.

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CSI: Gotham Has Been Cancelled. To The Delight Of Binge Watchers

The New 3D poster for Gotham Season Two. Who do you see?

Ryan and I are big fans of Gotham.  (Tom Kelly should be, I keep trying to convince him to give it another shot.)  If you’re somehow not familiar with the concept, season one starts with the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents and continues from there instead of jumping ahead 20+ years when Bruce returns as Batman.  They stick within the Batman mythos to a degree, but also put their own spin and things.  It is a good ride.  Even the non-geek Ms. Impossible loves it.

My biggest issue with the show is that the “killer of the week” aspects were always incredibly weak.  The interweaving stories around Bruce’s investigation into his parents death, the inner workings of the GCPD and the mob wars between Carmine Falcone, Sal Maroni, Fish Mooney and stand out The Penguin where always the highlights of the show.

Given that, showrunner Bruno Heller announced at Comic-con that Gotham will be moving away from the weekly procedural format and focusing on serialized storytelling.  Executive producer John Stephens says the decision was inspired by the success of serialized and binge watched shows like Game of Thrones.  One of the bigger obstacles though is that Gotham will have almost twice as many episodes as something like Daredevil, so they need to create a lot of story.

Season Two of Gotham begins on Fox on September 21st.