Bone Read-Along #2: The Great Cow Race


Here’s part two of my read-along of Jeff Smith’s delightful Bone series.

This installment will cover the second trade, The Great Cow Race.

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Bone Read-Along #1: Out From Boneville



Jeff Smith’s Bone series has often been described as a cross between the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and Disney Duck comics artist Carl Barks.  That is an incredibly accurate description.  What starts off as a fairly silly, cartoon-y series about a trio of cousins, “Bones” from Boneville, gradually turns more serious and more mystical as it goes along, keeping the light-hearted characterization, but really going somewhere as the mythology of the series is gradually revealed.  What seems mostly comical often had a more serious undercoating, and Smith layers it in very well with his vivid characters and drawings that went from the cartoonishly simple to the detailed landscape.

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