Mount Up With These Star Wars Themed Trophy Heads


That’s right – all you hunters out there – we finally found the perfect addition for your geek lair. Thanks to Kenny Christopher, you can mount your very own Star Wars creature on the wall, just like you always wanted. The price on these heads range anywhere from $40 – $140 – so make sure you shoot first and claim your bounty. SeeĀ all our favorites after the break:

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Who Takes Up For the Prequels in a Star Wars Debate?

Plus…who stands up on a message board and scream MIDICHLORIANS ala Braveheart?

I guess the folks at the official Star Wars site are a little more generous than us when they put together a list of hot topic in the SW universe. 

Check out the full article to see where you stand on some of the most important issues of the day!

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