Gabbing Geek 51: Battle Lines

Gabbing Geek 51: Battle Lines
Gabbing Geek 51: Battle Lines

Gabbing Geek 51, Battle Lines, is so contentious you’ll think it was a presidential debate where every single candidate is Donald Trump.  We talk about corporate wars at Marvel, the latest salvo in the battle of the video streaming giants, our epic Geek Book Club discussion of Armada, and our latest game: Battle Royale.  You can start listening to this amazing, ferocious episode right now or jump after the break to find out more!

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Podcast Reaction: No Terminator?!? WTF?!? Edition


On this weeks podcast the Geeks unveiled a List Of Truth™ about time travel movies.  Ranking “some of the better” time travel movies.  Who defined what were “some of the better”?  I’ll agree that most of the list contains good to great movies (I would not include Men In Black III in those categories, and I haven’t seen Looper, I know, I know…), but it seems to contain some glaring omissions to me.  Find them after the cut.

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So, How Many Can You Name?

This is probably one of my favorite videos on YouTube.  Someone took tons of clips from tons of movies and TV shows and made a rather good techno-kinda tune out of it.  I’ve seen lots of stuff, but even I can’t name all of them here.  I tend to skip to this whenever I want a quick smile at someone else’s cleverness.