Geek Review: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two


The third Hunger Games movie seemed a wee bit…uneventful.  That’s what happens when moviemakers take a book that wasn’t any longer than the previous two and splits it into two movies.  Stuff needs to be added to justify spreading things out that much.

The result is the second part of what should have been one movie had all the resolution set up by a largely actionless movie where the two most exciting things to occur were a  bombing campaign on a hospital and Peeta thrashing on a bed.  How did the series resolve all this?  SPOILER-free review after the cut.

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“Look! It’s The Girl Storm Trooper!”

Eric, we couldn’t agree more! And may we add: way to go tiny one! Additionally,  can I get a shout out to Gwendolyn Christie!? Captain Phasma already a phenomenon, and we still haven’t seen the movie yet! This is what it’s all about! I cannot wait for girls everywhere to emulate this awesome costume when Halloween rolls around. 🙂