Gabbing Geek Box Office Report: I Get It Now


I’ve been filling in for Watson for a while now on the Box Office Report despite my repeated preference to never do these again.  Seriously, why do we do these at all?

Then, after a long conversation with last week’s distant Watson cousin, I finally figured it all out.

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Trailer Time: Hardcore Henry


So, there I was, waiting for Deadpool to start (review forthcoming), when I saw this…thing.

An action movie?

Where the whole thing is seen through the eyes of the mute title character?

Like the viewer is the main character, and he’s a cyborg that has to go rescue his poor-man’s Jennifer Lawrence-looking wife?

This whole thing looks absolutely nuts.  I mean, who wouldn’t want Tim Roth for a mentor?  It’s probably terrible, but we can at least give points to Hardcore Henry for originality of presentation.  Trailer after the cut.

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