Tom Recommends: Harry Potter (The Books)

Gabbing Geek Tom Recommends v2I’ve been a little hard lately on some prominent YA franchises.  I gave the last Hunger Games movie a so-so review, and really haven’t had a kind word to say about Divergent at all.  Heck, I’d never even heard of supposed best-seller The 5th Wave until that silly-looking trailer came out.

But I actually do like some YA books and movies, so long as they are actually, you know, good.  That’s one of the big strengths of the 800 pound gorilla in the library, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

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Sport Your Pride For The Triwizard Tournament With These Threds


Dust off your Gryffindor Lion Head, and Red/Gold scarf, because it’s time to support the Hogwarts Triwizard Tournament of Champions! Thanks to Etsy shop Way Cool TShirts you can pick and choose from a wide variety of offerings. But word to the wise, I’d be careful touching that cup in the center… we all know what happened to Harry and Cedric when they did that… just a simple warning is all I’m offering. See more styles after the break:

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