Gabbing Geek 53: Slice And Dice

Gabbing Geek 53: Slice And Dice
Gabbing Geek 53: Slice And Dice

Gabbing Geek 53: Slice And Dice, has 100% more female whale genitalia than you were expecting!  First we cover Lego Dimensions and some Marvel TV news before bringing you an epic, impromptu space adventure featuring things about whales you never knew you always wanted to hear. Finally, we wrap things up with an upgraded spelling test to see who knows their fictional swords!  You can listen to the episode right now or jump after the break to read more!

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: King Thranduil


Lots of amazing cosplay came out of the Emerald City Comicon. And this cosplay of Thranduil is one of them!  Katelyn Jones cosplayed as King Thranduil from The Hobbit which was made by her Dad, Coregeek (with the exception of the the Thranduil robe, which was created by his mother-in-law). He makes all types of costumes and props and is available for commissions if you too would like your very own cosplay masterpiece. Check out more awesome photos after the break.

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Gabbing Geek 22: Box Office Bombshells


What happens when Jenny is on special assignment, leaving just Watson and Ryan to record Episode 22?  That’s right—WE’RE GEEKING OUT ON BOX OFFICE NUMBERS!  This episode, Box Office Bombshells, starts with our GNOW (Geekiest News of the Week) on the record-breaking performance of American Sniper.  We both review the movie and couldn’t be farther apart in terms of ratings.

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Weekly Box Office Report

Peter Jackson struck a deal with AT&T to send you not one, but THREE cell phone bills!


A New Year, a new box office report.  Hobbit:  Five Armies holds the Box Office crown for a third weekend, meaning that all six of the Middle Earth films held the one ring for at least three weekends.  Hobbit 3 brought in $21.9M in the first weekend of the New Year and is approaching the magic $750M globally.  We assume that now Peter Jackson and team are wondering if they can go There and Back Again…and back another time.

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