Original Geek Art: Loki Horns


You now what we’ve been missing to help us get through Monday? LOKI HORNS! Just slip into this little number, you can be trickster you’ve always wanted to be, coffee not included. Etsy shop owner Oneiromantic Designs has two different versions to offer. The MCU version, and the original comic book version. Check out both masters of manipulation after the break:

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Every Movie Ryan Saw In 2014 Ranked

Because what’s the point of having a giant, geeky list of all 64 movies I saw in 2014 if I’m not going to share it with my fellow geeks?  I’ve already listed my ten favorite movies of the year.  And I got some great therapy by blasting what I considered the ten worst movies of the year.

Now here is the full list of all 64 movies I saw in 2014 ranked by awesomeness.  Plus you get to look at movie posters!  Full list after the break.

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