BREAKING NEWS: Hugh Jackman Cast As Spider-Man

Not Jimmy Impossible.
Not Jimmy Impossible.

Gabbing Geek sources have just confirmed that Hugh Jackman will be cast as Spider-Man in both the future Sony standalone pictures as well as upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe cross-overs.

“Now that Hugh is finishing up his Wolverine run it’s time to bring him into the core Marvel Cinematic Universe,” president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige announced in a press release.  “We’d also like to announce that Spider-Man will be gaining healing powers, an adamantium skeleton, and retractable claws.”

Stay tuned to as additional details are revealed.

Hugh Jackman to Go Out Berzerker Style

wolverine 3

Hugh Jackman posted to his Facebook page three claws with the caption “WOLVERINE… ONE LAST TIME. HJ”  indicating that the third standalone Wolverine film will be his last as the OTHER ill-tempered Canadian (Looking at you, Jimmy).  What’s cool about this picture that you might miss is that Zoe Saldana clicked like.  It’s really her.  I clicked on that link and it went to the Guardians of the Galaxy actress’ official FB page!  Hugh Jackman’s performance as Wolverine has been among the greatest in superhero history.  If he’s going out, let’s get him a great script for Wolverine 3!

Wolverine 3 To Shoot Next Year

Unless he is so method he developed Wolverine’s healing factor, we know Hugh Jackman can only play Logan so long. So it looks like the team is pushing forward with Wolverine 3.
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“X-Soup” Casts a New Nightcrawler



Jenny has complained several times on the Gabbing Geek podcast about how Batman v Superman is turning into Batsoup with all the characters being cast.  Maybe X-Men:  Apocalypse is the next soup du jour, because after ALL the casting news of late on the next franchise installment featuring the mutie scum, we now have a new Nightcrawler.

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All Time Geek Oscar Nominees and WINNERS!


Monday, we kicked off Oscar week discussing who would get the Oscar nods if only geek movies were eligible for consideration.  Well, what if we took that rule, and stretched it to ALL time?  Who wins?  Who gets snubbed?  Read on, gentle jerkwads!

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So, What Does Spider-Man In Civil War Mean?

Not that Civil War!
Not that Civil War!

Marvel Films recently cut a deal with Sony to get some of the rights back for their flagship character and allow Spider-Man to appear in their movies alongside the Avengers.  There’s been plenty of speculation all over the dang place as to what this means aside from the idea that the most obvious place to insert Spidey into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in the upcoming Captain America:  Civil War.

Now, Ryan has added his own speculation on what this means going forward for the MCU.  I don’t follow a lot of spoiler stuff online outside of Gabbing Geek, but I have some thoughts of my own.

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The Newest X-Men Movie Stars Are…

All three of the new X-Men, younger versions of Jean, Storm, and Cyclops have been cast for Bryan Singer’s X-Men:  Apocalypse.

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Bold Predictions: The Top Ten Grossing Films Of 2015 And The Nine That Won’t Make The Cut

Disney is going to make so much money in 2015 they’re recreating the Duck Tales title sequence in their offices.


2015 is not going to break records at the box office.  2015 is going to utterly demolish box office records on the heels of two mega-performers and a market that is ready to have some fun in the movie theater again.  Especially after this downer of an Oscar season.  But what ten movies am I boldly predicting will be the top in the 2015 box office?  Before we get to the top ten, let’s see what nine films will miss the cut.

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Stewart/McKellen will NOT appear in the next X-Men movie!

The old make way for the young:

In an interview with Larry King, Patrick Stewart (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”) delivered some sad news. When asked if he was going to be in the next X-Men film, Stewart replied, “No. Nor Sir Ian McKellen, either.” Wow, not only is Stewart’s Professor Charles Xavier not going to be in it, but  McKellen’s master of magnetism Erik Lehnsherr, aka Magneto, won’t appear either. That’s a bummer, man.

Probably the right move, but I like these two so much that it still makes me a little sad. 


Casting Rumors for Young Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey


Time travel makes all things possible.  Because X-Men: Days of Future Past employed the ol’ “time travel to fix problems” move, we will see Wolverine and folliclely UNchallenged Professor X cultivating the talents of younger versions of Cyclops, Storm, and Jean Grey.  Such a reboot like that could only be found in….well….in an X-Men COMIC BOOK.  So now, we get to recast these roles with young talent to battle Apocalypse.  Who will it be???

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