Afternoon Funnies- Superhero Strip Edition

Gabbing Geek Afternoon Funnies
Also known as “Watson Didn’t Want to Write an Article today and Just Dumped a Bunch of Pictures Off His Phone”.  Click on for a mild chuckle. Continue reading Afternoon Funnies- Superhero Strip Edition

Heroes, Villains and More Make Up This Makeup


WOWZERS! You’ve got to check out makeup artist Natasha Morley (@chibinat) and how she can transform herself into some of our favorite heroes, villains, and monsters! If I had half of these skills I don’t think I would take so long to get ready in the morning – I hate how I always poke my eye out with mascara. AmIRight ladies? I don’t know how she has the patience to sit there and do this to herself, but we’re sure glad she does, because it’s absolutely stunning. Click after the break to see some of our favorite transformations like GROOT, ULTRON, and so much more.

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: BABY GROOT – (literally)


I have no words for all this cute that is going on in one photo! Squuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! It’s a baby cosplaying as baby groot! I wonder if his first words were “I Am Groot”? … you are little buddy, yes you are!

LEGO Groot, Hodor, and Chewbacca: “No One Understands”


The Brotherhood Workshop does it again with a Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Marvel mashup, in which our three favorite taciturn sidekicks are allowed to express how they really feel. Check out this charming LEGO based video after the break.

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: GROOT!


I’m a sucker for GROOT cosplay – I don’t care where I am, or what I’m doing, if I see GROOT I lose my mind! And this cosplay is nothing short of genius thanks to Hurley FX! If you go to his page, you can see images from the beginning stages all the way to the finished product. Amazing creativity if you ask me! Photo above is  by Brian Humphrey. See more stunning photos with Smooth On & Dim Horizon Studio at Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark after the break. 

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Benedict Cumberbatch By Any Other Name

Oh Jimmy Kimmel, you sly dog! Watch as Benedict introduces himself by a myriad of different names, none which compare to his original glorious name. Except maybe Bane….or Groot. Yes, those are by far my favorites.

8 Bit Guardians Of The Galaxy is Something Good, Something Bad, And A Little 8 Bit Of Both

I have no words. This is so many levels of AWESOME I am going to explode.