Slightly Misplaced Comics Hero Case File #22: Tasmanian Devil


In American comics, for obvious reasons, most superheroes are Americans.  If other countries even have superheroes, they tend to be few enough that you can count them on the fingers of one hand, and many are blatant weird stereotypes to boot.  Big crossovers will show teams of superheroes going all over the world, but local heroes often seem to be missing.

As a result, every so often, DC or Marvel will attempt to create more international heroes.  Some of these efforts are more successful than others. While the original X-Men line-up was entirely American, the “All-New, All-Different” team was composed of mutants from Africa, Canada, Japan, Ireland, Germany, and Soviet Russia. The two Americans there were a leftover from the original team and a Native American.  Half of those characters would stick around.  Marvel has also introduced a couple international superteams, most notably Alpha Flight and Excalibur, with special mention made to the Soviet Winter Guard.

One of DC’s attempts to follow suit was the Global Guardians.  They were a team of international heroes, most a stereotype of their native country, and among their number was the Tasmanian Devil.

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Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Convergence: Week Two Part Two

aka Watson’s homeboy.

Do you like Kingdom Come?  The pre-Zero Hour DC universe?  Epic crossovers designed to take all your money and probably not maybe leave you satisfied?  Then cart yer arse on in here and read more about Convergence Week Two!

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Read on for spoilers after break for Aquaman #1, Superman The Man Of Steel #1, Catwoman #1, Green Arrow #1, Justice League International #1 and Suicide Squad #1.

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LEGO Star Wars Battle Of Hoth!


Nothing is better on a Friday than playing with LEGOS. Except for maybe playing with STAR WARS Legos! OR… how about watching a quick animated short of Legos battling it out on Hoth. Yes, yes indeed!

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Sorry NorthEast, Winter Snowflakes Are Beautiful


I know the poor NorthEast does not want to see anything having to do with snow. I get it, you’re sick of it. But maybe, just maybe, you can find joy and wonder in the fact that each of those snowflakes that are piling up around your doors are beautiful freaks of nature. Photographer Alexey Kljatov has captured some amazing images of snowflakes with his macro photography technique. Check out his work after the break.

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