Late Geek Review: Jurassic World


So, I finally saw Jurassic World.  Hey, I wasn’t exactly a huge fan of the original.  Why should I rush out to see the new one?

I mean, what is it people love about Jurassic Park?  Interesting and compelling characters?  Nope.  Accurate science?  Not really.  Logical plots?  Nah.  Likable children?  Oh hell to the no.  What is it?  Oh yeah.  Dinosaurs run around and eat a few people, generally adults.

OK, so, how about I say what I thought.  SPOILERS for last summer’s biggest box office hit after the cut.

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For Ryan: Indominus Rex DNA Revealed


All will be revealed after the break.  (I put it there as it kinda, sorta has Jurassic World spoilers if there is anyone left on the planet that hasn’t seen the movie.)

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Dismantling the Millennium Falcon To Build Indominus Rex!


Say hello to Luke everyone! “Hi LUKE!” Luke loves dinosaurs – and recently was inspired by Jurassic World. So inspired in fact, that he deconstructed his LEGO Millennium Falcon to get enough grey pieces to build the new Indominus Rex from the movie! Now – though we all think the Millennium Falcon should never be deconstructed, because well – it’s the Millennium Falcon! We still have to give props to Luke for being super ingenious and hard core! Awesome replica of the Rex-Raptor hybrid Luke – this scores a win for creativity! Well done!