Expect Everyone Outside Of The X-Men and Fantastic Four In Avengers: Infinity War


Co-directors and gluttons for punishment The Russo Brothers have revealed they currently have 67 characters lined up to appear in the two part Avengers: Infinity War.  My immediate reaction was “Holy $#@*!”  That has got to include EVERYONE.  The MCU regulars of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, new blood like Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange and Blank Panther.  Even the TV crowd most be represented.  Anyone from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Daredevil, Luke Cage and/or Jessica Jones.  The Captain Marvel movie is scheduled in between Infinity War Parts One and Two so you’d think she’d be involved somehow.  And there are sure to be characters making their debut here as well.  Sounds like a whole lot of awesome.

Joe Russo teases:

“People will not be disappointed in the amount of characters in the movie. The concept of ‘Infinity War’ is that the Marvel universe unites to battle the greatest threat to the world and universe that you’ve ever seen, and we’re going to honor that concept.”

All that said, maybe we need to keep expectations a little in check.  I’m sure we will see a lot of the crowd mentioned above.  And the TV shows do make occasional reference to the movies so they clearly take place in the same universe unlike whatever mess DC has going on.  But keep in mind the phrasing here…67 characters.  There could be villains other than Thanos that appear.  Aunt May is a character.  Night Nurse.  Agent Carter.  Pepper Potts.  The cop picking up Twinkies for his wife before heading over to Nakatomi Plaza.  That S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent with the red shirt on that Thanos kills on an away mission.  You get the point.

And it won’t be any day soon we’ll get much clarification here as Avengers: Infinity War Part One is not scheduled until May 4th, 2018.

Gabbing Geek 56: Fangirl, Finally

Gabbing Geek 56: Fangirl, Finally
Gabbing Geek 56: Fangirl, Finally

Our latest episode of the Gabbing Geek podcast has MCU movie news, Ready Player One movie news, the Fangirl Geek Book Club, and a riveting discussion on what makes geek content in the first place.  And Watson introduces what might be the world’s worst convention ever.  You can give the episode a listen right now or jump after the break to read more!

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Star-Lord Is Coming Back…And Back…And Back…And Back

I tried to find another Chris Pratt picture but Jenny said I had to use this one or she'd cut me.
I tried to find another Chris Pratt picture but Jenny said I had to use this one or she’d cut me.

We’ve heard the stories of Marvel contracts requiring multiple appearances but this is the first time we’ve had confirmation that Chris Pratt is signed up to more than just the Guardians sequel.  In the GQ interview with Pratt, he confirmed that

“…I’m tied to doing three more, or five more,Guardians of the Galaxy or whatever it is, you know, two more Guardians plus another couple…”

Hmmm…two more Guardians of the Galaxy movies, plus another couple films (Infinity War? Something else?)?  Or maybe he just has some mad #jennymath skills and he’s only doing one more Guardians movie.  We’ll find out.

Gabbing Geek 30: Future Directions

Gabbing Geek 30: Future Directions
Gabbing Geek 30: Future Directions

The latest episode of Gabbing Geek is now up.  Come listen to the audio if you didn’t get a chance to watch our live streaming Meerkat of the whole session!

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Russo Brothers Decide They Don’t Need Free Time Until 2019

"I'm not disagreeing with your choice or questioning what you did--I'm just saying it would be perfectly acceptable for me to sit on the left every so often."
“I’m not disagreeing with your choice or questioning what you did–I’m just saying it would be perfectly acceptable for me to sit on the left every so often.”

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the Russo brothers will direct Infinity Wars Parts 1 and 2.  Given that the Winter Soldier directing duo starts filming Captain America: Civil War next month, this essentially puts them on an immediate turnaround to start filming the two-part Avengers saga as soon as they finish Civil War’s final shot (and comic fans know what I mean).

While there may have been some studio wrangling going on with this announcement, knowing that Whedon is leaving the Avengers directing chair vacant and the Russos eyeing some Ghostbusters or Spider-Man action, this is still a great grab for Marvel.  Captain America: The Winter Solder is ranked near the top of any Marvel movie list and the action scenes were fantastic.  Given the short time between shooting Cap 3 and Infinity War, expect whatever tone we see start to come across in the Civil War movie to also drive the Infinity War flicks.  Set course for awesome!

Comics Watson Actually Liked


It is often said on the Gabbing Geek podcast (listen to it!) that I don’t read comics.  Well I did once.  So in talking to my buddy Phil Ray the other day, he asked me to write a post on my ten favorite Trade Paperbacks ever (“other than Watchmen, of course”). I would tell him writing for a website is not like being a DJ at da club because we don’t take requests, but he did introduce me to my ex-wife (thanks,jerk) so here we go…

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6 Spoilers For The Post-Spidey Marvel Cinematic Universe

Brace yourself.
Brace yourself.

Look around you–does the world feel different? Sure does. We’re living in the post-Spidey MCU world and it’s going to be fantastic. And while the deal to bring Spidey back into the fold may not be as clean as a full retreat by Sony it still has a lot of good stuff: Spidey in MCU films, Feige contributing in some way to make the standalone Spidey movies by Sony suck less, and the possibility of other MCU characters coming into the Spideyverse.

How this all happens is still up in the air but given that Latino Review broke this story weeks ago with not just the details of the deal but also how it would happen, it’s likely that their other news about the “how” of it all is also legit. And it’s huge. If you’d like to know what this means for Spidey and the MCU then keep reading. But be warned–


Seriously. We’ll be revealing info from several MCU films and even Age of Ultron. Spoiler-puritans should stop reading now. Everyone else, let’s continue.
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Here’s What Spidey Joining The Marvel Cinematic Universe Means

The official team picture from Marvel.
The official team picture from Marvel.

Sure, we explained what was happening over three weeks ago but now the news is official from Marvel.  Because Marvel doesn’t want you to sleep they just put out two very interesting press releases that has some huge implications for the MCU and geeks everywhere.

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Is the New Fantastic Four Movie a Hot “Mess”?

Ouch. After Matthew Vaughn called it good this week, rumors are circulating that the studio bosses don’t agree.

They are using the word “mess”! Ryan sassed me when I said this movie will tank and Fox will sell their rights back to Marvel. My crackpot theory ain’t looking so tin foil hat anymore! As usual, Ryan is a pud.

Can’t wait to see Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in Infinity War!


Spidey Joining Avengers? This Will Give You Chills!

Do we dare to dream?
Do we dare to dream?

Latino Review is reporting that there is a deal in place (link has many spoilers) to have Spider-Man return to the Marvel fold for the Avengers Infinity War movies.  The article has a rumored spoiler ending for Captain America: Civil War that paves the way for Spider-Man to join the team in the first Infinity War film and…it’s pretty convincing.  Latino Review has missed some calls but they’ve also nailed some huge ones, like the direction of the DC cinematic universe long before anything was official.  So take it all with a grain of salt, but take your grain of salt with a grain of salt too. Continue reading Spidey Joining Avengers? This Will Give You Chills!