Super-Fan Build: HulkBuster Highchair


Hopefully you’ve seen The Avengers: Age of Ultron – if not – stop. Stop what you’re doing. Go out to your nearest theater, and watch the damn movie. Go! That’s an order. For the rest of you – I present to you the HULKBUSTER HIGHCHAIR! Parents beware – this is no ordinary baby contraption. It’s better!

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Original Geek Art: Famous Geek Characters In Words


Nothing says Darth Vader than words describing the dad of the dark side. Thanks to Etsy artist WordPlayPrints, you too can own this dedication to diction. Check out more of his famous pieces after the break:

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Just In Time for Easter – Eggvengers: Age of Yolktron


Thanks to GabbingGeek fan “Gentry” (who we mentioned in today’s Podcast Episode 31), we bring you EGGVENGERS: AGE OF YOLKTRON! You guys have got to see these amazing little egg costumes. They are truly heroic! Not only do each egg costume…errr…. cosplay?…. correctly represent The Avengers, but there are also props included! The little costumes are actually¬†printable, and eggstremely eggcelent. Check out how to download and print your own! Now you can make even the easter bunny envious of your eggtravogant taste after the break:

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Pictures Are Pretty! Here’s Your Visual Guide To Marvel Character Movie Rights


If you’re anything like me – pictures say a thousand words. Well….words also say a thousand words, but pictures are better because: PRETTY! And again, if you’re anything like me (which let’s face it, everyone is totally like me) then keeping up with all the Marvel movie rights will make your head explode. But never fear! Thanks to The Geek Twins, your handy-dandy Marvel guide is here!

For a more detailed overview – head over to The Geek Twins and see their wonderful work.

8 Super Heroes Psychoanalyzed By You And Your Psychologist


You think you know Superman? You think just because you read some comics and watched some movies that you know Clark Kent? You suppose that since you’ve seen 7 different Batmen, that you can pick one out of a crowd? Want to test your ability to psycho analyze? Well step right up – and compare your abilities to the best psychologists out there.

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