It’s A Sad! Erik Bauersfeld, Voice Of Ackbar, Dies At 93

ackbarAlthough we wouldn’t recognize him walking down the street, Erik Bauersfeld gave us one of the greatest lines in geek history.  The voice of Admiral Ackbar passed away at the age of 93 but we will always have his legacy ringing in our ears.

33 Star Wars Characters Who Are Definitely Not Rey’s Parents


Everyone who has seen Episode VII has a theory on who are Rey’s parents.  These theories range from the intriguing to the totally insane.  Rather than try to contribute to the growing collection of suspects, I thought it would be better to take the opposite approach.  Rather then take wild guesses as to who her parents might be, let’s try and eliminate some potential suspects from the list.  And so now I present to you the 33 Star Wars characters that are definitely not Rey’s parents.  Jump after the break to know who we can finally let off the hook.

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Sleep Tight With These Star Wars Pillow Cases


IT’S A NAP! – ha! Even Admiral Ackbar know when a good night’s sleep is just a good night’s sleep and nothing else (like a trap). I was tickled to see these super cute Star Wars pillow cases offered up by Etsy Shop owner Saturday Morning Pancakes. There are 3 different versions to choose from. So if you’d like to snuggle up next to a droid, or sleep on the chest of Chewbacca, then check out the other options after the break:

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: STAR WARS


May 4th is one of the best days to dress up as your favorite Star Wars character – and thanks to the Star Wars celebration that happened last month, we have a lot of Star Wars cosplay to cover. Check out some of our favorites, and let us know what you think? Especially when you see the George Lucas… I mean, can we say doppleganger or what?

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IT’S A FRAP! Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: Admiral Akbar


What comes after “IT’S A TRAP”… BOOM! Regardless of whether you remember what comes after that one line from Admiral Akbar or not, we can all appreciate this amazing cosplay from Star Wars Celebration Model: Jenny Newman. Now… dear readers. All you have to know is that this is JENNY NEWMN and nothing else. Isn’t she glorious? The Costume Design is by Castle Corsetry and the Body Paint is by European Body Art & Daniela Bernotas. Photo credit goes to: Miss Chrissy Lynn.