33 Star Wars Characters Who Are Definitely Not Rey’s Parents


Everyone who has seen Episode VII has a theory on who are Rey’s parents.  These theories range from the intriguing to the totally insane.  Rather than try to contribute to the growing collection of suspects, I thought it would be better to take the opposite approach.  Rather then take wild guesses as to who her parents might be, let’s try and eliminate some potential suspects from the list.  And so now I present to you the 33 Star Wars characters that are definitely not Rey’s parents.  Jump after the break to know who we can finally let off the hook.

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“I’m Thirsty.” “I Know.”

hanfridgeNow we finally know why Jabba wanted to keep that Carbonite-Han in this palace: not only did it serve as a reminder of Jabba’s vindictiveness for smugglers who did not fulfull their obligations to the Hutt but it also kept all the beer cold!  Now you too can have a smaller version of this fridge to keep any beverage of your choice beer cold too.  It’s only $150 over at ThinkGeek, but be sure to toast GabbingGeek when you open your first Han-can.

Background Geek of the Week: Jedis and Neckbeards

windowslivewriteraninterviewwithgarykurtz-b208gary-kurtz-04-thumbIt is a common theme of this series.  Some amazing Geek property is developed, and the main creative driver gets the lionshare of credit; while others involved blend into the background.  It’s not unfair, really.  George Lucas, for all his modern sins, was the visionary who brought us the Star Wars universe.  He does deserve to be credited with that amazing achievement.  But it is not like the movies got to the bigscreen and DVD (not digitial…) with only Lucas at the helm. Others were involved.  Others helped not only in the production/business side, but they also made key creative choices.  I think it is fair to say Star Wars would not the same without our Background Geek of the Week.   Who is this geek who has done so much in the shadows? Continue reading Background Geek of the Week: Jedis and Neckbeards

Watson’s Top 145 Movies of 2014!

This week, I unveiled my Top 20 and bottom 20 movies.  What about the other 105 flicks that made up the crazy list?  For your browsing amusement, here is the ENTIRE list of 2014 movies viewed by Gabbing Geek film fan extraordinaire.  Enjoy!

The best films of the year deserve much greater examination.  For a full review of each film #1-10, check out my list.

“Hello, Jenny. If you had been in the 1950s, I wouldn’t have been chemically castrated because you could have changed me!”

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