Slightly Misplaced Comic Heroes Case File #34: Nomad

The most 90s-looking hero of all time!

Captain America joined the Avengers with issue #4 of that series.  He’d been found frozen in ice and quickly joined the team, in part as a replacement for the Hulk who’d quit two issues earlier.  Cap recounted how he’d gotten frozen in the first place, when he and his partner and sidekick Bucky had tried to disarm an explosive plane during World War II.  Cap was thrown off and frozen in ice.  Bucky was thrown off without an arm, and later emerged as the Winter Soldier.

But here’s the thing:  that comic never happened.  Stan Lee and Jack Kirby just needed a quick explanation of where Cap had been and why Bucky wasn’t around in case anyone actually remembered the two of them.  There actually had been plenty of Cap and Bucky adventures between the end of World War II and when Steve Rogers joined the Avengers.

That’s where Nomad comes into play…

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