Original Geek Art – Uhura: The Quickest Way To The Top


Aren’t we all just a little sick and tired of seeing Uhura kiss and play nice with the rest of Starfleet? Well not this Uhrua, she’s kicking ass and taking names. Who’s next? Want to see more? Check out artist Janey-Jane on Deviant Art. Watch out space frontier, there’s a new captain in town.

Original Geek Art: “New Who”


From time to time we run across amazing Fan-Art, and this is no exception. Say hello to the beautifully drawn & colored “New Who” from artist Janey-Jane. If you listen to our podcast, you would know that between Ryan, Watson, and I, Dr. Who was a geek blind spot. To ensure we covered this blind spot we all agreed  to watch the series starting from the beginning with the 9th Doctor (because that makes sense). And thanks to that recent watching, we can adequately identify the fist two characters as The Doctor & Rose. (Please don’t ask us to identify the rest, we’re not there yet). But all credit goes back to Janey-Jane. Whovians: Can you identify them all?