Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case Files #51: Danny Chase

Yeah, this guy looks dangerous...
Looks like a pre-teen, kinda evil version of Tim Gunn, doesn’t he?  Make it work, Danny.

Creating a credible kid sidekick isn’t an easy task.  The basic concept is always to give the younger readers a character they can personally identify with.  The problems there are legion.  For starters, readers want to be Batman, not Robin.  Furthermore, the sidekick has to have the correct amount of competence.  Too much and the character can outshine the hero and readers don’t like that.  Not enough and the sidekick will need too much constant rescuing.  And then there’s the issue of older writers trying to write “hip” dialogue for a character much younger than themselves, as was the disastrous case of Snapper Carr when he first arrived on the scene as the Justice League’s sidekick.

Good sidekicks and younger characters can be done.  But for every successful Robin, there’s probably three or four (at least) Danny Chases.

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Going Through The DCAU Part Seven



Continuing Tom and Jimmy’s rewatch of the DCAU.

This week, we’re covering the Batman:  The Animated Series episodes “Joker’s Favor,” “Vendetta,” and “Fear of Victory”.

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The New Batman: A (Mostly) Spoiler Free First Impression Of Batman #41


While DC Free Comic Book Day offering Divergence actually gave us our first taste of the new Batman, this weeks Batman #41 gives us the first full blown appearance.  As I’ve mentioned on the site and in the Gabbing Geek editorial meetings, I’m very skeptical about the direction that DC is headed.  I don’t care how much you want to try to humanize him, putting Superman in a t-shirt and jeans is just dumb.  Granted, some might be fine with that, or the new “Canon over continuity” approach DC is taking with their books.  But I’ve mostly heard negative press about the new RobobatChappie-bat, Batman.

I’ll admit, if it wasn’t for writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo, Batman would be another in a long list of DC books that I won’t be picking up post-Convergence.  But the duo has been rocking since the New 52 launched.  And Snyder has been one of my favorite writers since his excellent “Black Mirror” run on Detective Comics just prior to the New 52.  It features Dick Grayson as Batman and is well worth tracking down the trade paperback.

But back to this issue, after the break, my initial thoughts on this new approach to my second favorite character ever.  (Very minor spoilers inside.)

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Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Convergence: Week Five Part One


I’m back baby!  (Editor’s Note: Jimmy, you used that two posts ago.)  As Convergence continues its trek towards being the most forgettable crossover event ever.  The tie ins are not bad, but seem to have little to no bearing on the main book and vice versa.  If you like a particular DC character from a particular era, pick up those books.  Otherwise, just pick up the main mini-series, which may be of interest.

Be sure to catch up on all the Convergence happenings with coverage of:

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Read on for Week Five spoilers after break for Convergence #5, Convergence Batman And Robin #2, Convergence Superman #2, Convergence Nightwing Oracle #2, Convergence Batgirl #2, and Convergence Harley Quinn #2.

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Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn. Others Just Look Great In Purple With A Large Red Dome On Their Heads.

"Definitely the last I'll ever see of that guy." - Batman
“Definitely the last I’ll ever see of that guy.” – Batman

The Red Hood is coming to Gotham, but is he the Joker? Gotham producers are promising a shocking season finale and the appearance of another character steeped in Bat-Lore. Specific details about which Red Hood we will see are not provided. Will this play into the long standing believed origin of the Joker starting his career as the Red Hood? Or will it simply be the Red Hood Gang? One thing I’m pretty sure of, it won’t be Jason Todd (the former Robin and current Red Hood in most incarnations of the DCU). Though Gotham has turned a lot of the Bat-mythos on it’s ear, so who knows.