Happy Birthday, Gabbing Geek!

One year ago today, the very first episode of the Gabbing Geek podcast was released to an excited public. The audio was terrible, the running time was 1.5 hours, we operated strictly off a FB page, and, jarringly, the other Geeks called Watson by his first name.

One year later, Ryan has mastered audio and production, we run a tight one hour show (we actually produced a few 2 hour shows before coming to this realization), the Gabbing Geek website has passed the podcast as a means to inform and entertain our audience, and now the Geeks either use Watson or Dbag.

Join us now as the hosts and writers of Gabbing Geek reflect on their favorite and not so favorite moments from this special first year!
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IT’S A FRAP! Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: Admiral Akbar


What comes after “IT’S A TRAP”… BOOM! Regardless of whether you remember what comes after that one line from Admiral Akbar or not, we can all appreciate this amazing cosplay from Star Wars Celebration Model: Jenny Newman. Now… dear readers. All you have to know is that this is JENNY NEWMN and nothing else. Isn’t she glorious? The Costume Design is by Castle Corsetry and the Body Paint is by European Body Art & Daniela Bernotas. Photo credit goes to: Miss Chrissy Lynn.