Netflix Attempts To Keep Marvel Zombies Happy


If you’re a fan of Marvel’s Netflix shows so far, it was a good weekend of news for you.  First came word that Netflix and Marvel were in talks to put a Punisher show into development based on strong word of mouth for his appearance in Daredevil season two…which hasn’t even aired yet.  The Punisher seems a natural fit for the grim and gritty urban crime fighting world that Netflix has established.  We’ll know when Daredevil season two begins on March 18th if they have successfully pulled off the Frank Castle character.  Previous big screen incarnations have ranged between acceptable to downright abysmal.

Next up, though it hasn’t gotten a lot of exposure in these parts because of reasons, Jessica Jones was excellent.  So it is not overly surprising that Netflix and Marvel have announced that Jessica Jones season two is now in the works.  There isn’t much more information than that at this point.  There has been some speculation that we could see it as early as the end of the year, pointing out the 11 month gap between DD seasons 1 and 2.  Jessica Jones season 1 dropped in November of last year.  So while it is possible, I’d expect it more than likely in early 2017.

In any case, with DD season two just two months away, Luke Cage due at some point this year and now JJ season two, Iron Fist and possibly The Punisher in the pipeline, this Marvel/Netflix relationship has really prospered.

And a little teaser for Jessica Jones Season 2 after the break…

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