What To Do, What To Do…

This was unexpected...
This was unexpected…

So, as some of you may recall, I put up a poll not that long ago asking the readers what I should cover/discuss next for Gabbing Geek since the “Road to Secret Wars” is just about over.  Initially, the poll came out with three votes for Jeff Smith’s Bone, and I announced that I would cover that next during my Monday posting for the podcast reaction.

Then something happened.

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BREAKING NEWS: Jimmy Impossible Cast As Spider-Man

A rare image of Jimmy smiling.
A rare image of Jimmy smiling.

Gabbing Geek sources have just confirmed that our own Jimmy Impossible will be cast as Spider-Man in both the future Sony standalone pictures as well as upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe cross-overs.

“Jimmy reads a lot of Spider-Man,” president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige announced in a press release.  “So when my favorite podcast in the world, Gabbing Geek, suggested Jimmy should play Spider-Man I immediately jumped at the opportunity.”

Stay tuned to GabbingGeek.com as additional details are revealed.

Happy Birthday Jimmy Impossible!

Birthday moose demands good wishes!
Birthday moose demands good wishes!

Happy birthday to Gabbing Geek contributing author, amazing comic book reviewer, defender of the Spider-Man hyphen, and all around moosetastic person Jimmy Impossible!

Look Out! There Are Even More Gabbing Geeks!

"I. Can't. Believe. How. Many. There. Are!"
“I. Can’t. Believe. How. Many. There. Are!”

Either we’re growing like Tribbles or somebody spilled some water on us because our Gabbing Geek writing population has exploded!  Please welcome to the site Jimmy Impossible and Tom Kelly. You may have seen some of their articles pop up the past week but now they’re on as official writers.  Show them some love, fellow geeks!  Leave a welcome note here and be sure to check out their responses on the Meet the Geeks page.