Cop Car Spoiler Free Review With A Side Of Kevin Bacon


Thanks to Austin TX’s beloved Alamo Drafthouse, I was able to attend a private viewing of Cop Car with an additional Q&A with Kevin Bacon. If I had to give a three word review, Id say this movie is “One Helluva Ride!” But thankfully I have a little more runway with this column than three words! Check out my spoiler free review of this thrilling movie after the break:

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Marvel Picks Two Guys You Never Heard Of To Star And Direct Next Spider-Man Film

Your new Peter Parker looks like he might need to hit the weight room…

I’ll be honest, I have no idea who Tom Holland or Jon Watts are.  But they are likely to become household names with Sony and Marvel’s announement that they are the new star and director respectively of the next Spider-Man film from Sony.  Read through the Marvel/Sony press release for all the “rah rah here they are” and “we worked really hard to find the right people”, etc.

For all that, the rest of the article is low on details, significantly if Holland/Spidey will officially appear in Captain America: Civil War.  But since every Avenger as well as Superman, Batman, Mighty Mouse, Deputy Dog, the cast of Three’s Company and F-Troop are all scheduled to appear, I think it is save to say our new Spider-Man will make his debut there in some capacity.

Captain America: Civil War is set to open May 6, 2016, while the next solo Spider-Man film spins a web on  July 28, 2017.