Batkid Begins!

The story that even touched the cold heart of Ryan Garcia is going from documentary to feature film.

Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around The World premièred today at the Slamdance Film festival, but it looks like we’ll be getting another movie telling the story of Miles Scott’s awesome Make-A-Wish Foundation-sponsored day as Batkid from Julia Roberts, who according to Deadline has closed a deal to produce and star in a feature adaptation. On November 15, 2013, 5-year-old leukemia patient Miles Scott got his wish to be the Caped Crusader granted when thousands of volunteers helped turn San Francisco into Gotham City for a day. 

Here’s hoping Julia Roberts isn’t so vain and self-absorbed that she wants to play Batkid himself!


Stars Who Only Play Themselves

My name does NOT appear in this article…

Some actors have great range.  They disappear into their roles like chameleons with such success, you forget they are acting.  Then there are the people who don’t know how to play anyone other than themselves.  These folks can be charming, even occasionally win awards, but they eventually get called out in a Gabbing Geek filler article!

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