Honest Trailers Doesn’t Think The Jungle Book (1967) Was Much Of A Movie


It’s been a loooong time since I’ve seen the original Jungle Book and I don’t have much of an interest in the new Jungle Book that just destroyed the box office and Watson’s box office predictions for this year.  Tom posted a review of the new version earlier today, so if you are interested in the movie, be sure to check that out.  If you need a good laugh and a refresher on all things Jungle Book (1967) watch the Honest Trailer after the break.

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Bold Predictions: 2016 Edition- Watson’s Rebuttal

goldcoinsI’m totally off the grid these days, but Ryan’s predictions are so bad I had to come in and rip them to shreds and give you the REAL numbers.  His bold predictions about how the 2015 domestic box office would turn out were pretty weak.  He called his performance was mixed–but for him mixed was chocolate plus peanut butter.  In reality, it is a mix of Ex-lax and motor oil.  So I am going to go, one by one, through his 2016 picks and give the real number.  We have a lunch bet on who has the lowest delta between the acutals and their predictions.  NO PRICE IS RIGHT RULES IN EFFECT!

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Bold Predictions: 2016 Edition

goldcoinsOne year ago I made some bold predictions about how the 2015 domestic box office would turn out.  My performance was mixed–got some, missed some others.  But now it’s time to look ahead to 2016.  Jump after the break to see what I predict will be the top ten grossing films of the year along with 33 other movies I’m making some bold predictions on!

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Trailer Time: The Jungle Book


Remember when Mel Brooks decided to take some of his old comedies and turn them into Broadway musicals?  It worked out pretty well for the guy.  Well, Disney decided somewhere along the line that what they really needed to do is take some of its classic animated films and turn them into live action movies.  So, we got a live action Cinderella, that Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland…thing, and the villain’s side of Sleeping Beauty with Maleficent.  But that may be kid’s stuff compared to the next one, namely The Jungle Book, where most of the cast is a bunch of talking animals and one kid.

See the trailer after the cut.  I am not sure if it is even remotely faithful to Rudyard Kipling’s original, but Kipling was clearly not thinking far enough ahead in terms of special effects advancement in the motion picture era.  I mean, really.  Where else were we going to get Bill Murray as Baloo the bear?

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