Top 20 STAR WARS Wedding Cakes From A Galaxy Far Far Away



Truth be told that about this time every year, I get a little nostalgic. It’s in the beginning of July, and (almost to the date) one month before my 6 year wedding anniversary. Not that any of you care about that – because, seriously, we get enough of that crap on Facebook. But the nostalgia usually leads me to thinking about our awesome R2D2 groom’s cake – unto which was destroyed by everyone eating it (I have to admit, it was delicious). But it got me thinking, who else out there is keeping the Star Wars wedding cake theme alive? The answer? PLENTY! Check out some of the best Star Wars themed wedding cakes from a galaxy far far away:

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“Just Married” Geek Decals To Prove Your Love


Spring is in the air! At least here in Texas it’s in the air, and I have the allergies to prove it! But with spring flowers come April showers and all the weddings we can choke on. But – alas – don’t scoff too fast, because as a geek nation we are now all being represented by the best of car decals to exclaim your love and devotion. Drive away proclaiming your new nuptuals with these awesome themed “Just Married” wedding vinyl window cling decal by Anthony Herrera Designs ($25). You have to see all the geekiness after the break (unfortunately, cars not included):

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