Blend In On Kashyyyk With This Wookiee Hoodie


Woooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaarrrraaaa. That’s basically Wookiee speak for HOLY SHIT A WOOKIEE HOODIE! I don’t know about you, but this is what I’ve been waiting for in Wookiee attire. Not only can you now blend in on Kashyyyk (which Watson cannot spell), but if worn correctly, you probably don’t have to brush your own hair that day. Not saying that you shouldn’t brush your hair, but let’s be honest, sometimes being lazy means grabbing your Wookiee hoodie and going out for a night on the town. AmIRight? See more after the break:

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Gabbing Geek 32: The Hill

Gabbing Geek 32: The Hill
Gabbing Geek 32: The Hill

Are you into Episode 32: The Hill or are you so over The Hill?  At least 33% of our podcasters fall into the latter category–find out who and what we talk about after the break!

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Geek Tweet of the Day

Tweet Of The Day


Gabbing Geek traveled to Kashyyyk to ask the REAL Chewbacca for his thoughts on the Ford crash, and he eloquently replied, “Rrrrarrrrrghhhh!”

Our sentiments exactly!