Kate Beckinsale Bought A New Leather Jumpsuit, Figures May As Well Make Another Underworld Movie

katebeckIf someone were to look up Kate Beckinsale’s mortgage payments you could probably track to the exact month when she makes a new Underworld movie.  The first movie, hated by critics (a harsh 31% on RottenTomatoes) was still loved by movie-goers for its novel vampire/werewolf war and Matrix aesthetics and stunts. Evolution, the second in the series, was hit with a 16% while the third and fourth in the series earned a 29% and 26%. They’ve all pulled in over $50 million, with the exception of the third perhaps because Ms Beckinsale only narrated.

Still, if you loved the first four films then you’ll be pleased to know the fifth is on its way.  I’m sure it won’t at all be like the other four but you’ll enjoy its thoroughly unique tight leather outfits, dark set pieces, and slow motion stunts as vampires fight werewolves with swords and bullets.