Good Performances in Bad Superhero Movies

It would have been a bad movie, but Cage would have been amazing!

Today we celebrate the roses that grew out of a steaming pile of horse manure. It’s easy to bask in the accolades of a strong performance in an epic superhero flick. Chris Reeve got us all started with his turn in Superman. Ledger was all-time in the brilliant Dark Knight. RDJ was amazing in the transformative Iron Man. But what about the people who rise to the occasion in a real stinker? Let’s give them their moment in the sun!

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Amazing Mashup Of Every 2014 Pop Song

Think about it.  Tens of thousands of people created microprocessors and computer programming languages and software tools and Internet protocols and audio mixing programs and video editing tools so that DJ Earworm could bring you an audio and video mashup of every significant pop song of 2014.  Because technology!