Captain Marvel Casting Rumors



The Marvel Cinematic Universe is looking for a good hero who doesn’t have a Y chromosome to headline her own movie.

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How Things Can Be Different: The Death And Life Of Captain Mar-vell


I wrote last week in my unofficial “comic book character who died and sometimes got better” weekly column about Drax the Destoryer.  I mentioned that Drax died in a place called “the Cancerverse” but didn’t go into great detail on what that was.

You know what?  That storyline provides some good fodder for one of the few deaths Marvel Comics just will not reverse:  Mar-vell, Kree captain and champion of the living and the original opponent to all things Thanos.

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Road To Secret Wars Part 4



This week’s recap of Jonathan Hickman’s dual Avengers runs leading up to the new Secret Wars will cover the Infinity crossover, which brought Thanos into the story in a way that his creator Jim Starlin has probably already retconned as out-of-character behavior, possible the work of a clone.  Because that’s what he does any time anyone other than he uses Thanos in a story.

This entry will probably be one of the longest and densest since it covers the Infinity  storyline.  You’ve been warned.  As always, SPOILERS behind the cut.

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