Podcast Reaction: The Ryan Edition

Ryan likes this movie.
Ryan likes this movie.

I’ve been doing podcast reactions for a while now, even before I got tapped to write for this site.  In that time, I have picked on Jenny and Watson quite a bit.  Why not?  Jenny is three ducks in a woman suit who doesn’t know who Max von Sydow is despite his memorable roles in both The Exorcist and Flash Gordon–leading to my theory that someone is finally continuing Flash Gordon‘s “To be continued” tag when Ming the Merciless is revealed to be the bad guy in Star Wars Episode VII.  Watson just has that one picture that makes it rather easy.  Heck, it doesn’t matter what other pictures I use, that picture will be the one that appears on Facebook for any article I write and use it for.

But aside from pointing out just how much Ryan likes the awful, awful Krull, I don’t pick on him that much.

I’m not going to pick on him now, because this post is an intervention.

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Original Geek Art: KRULL


I don’t know why anyone would spend time on making a Krull drawing, but apparently there are lots of people who do – including Krollo (John Gonzalez) over at DeviantArt. Nothing against Krollo, he’s actually quite talented. You should go check out his other stuff. But I do have to question what motivated him to draw any tribute the obviously the worst movie ever made? The world may never know.

OMG – Someone Made The Glaive From Krull Into A Boomerang!


I have no words – the more I look up things for Krull (THE WORST MOVIE EVER), the more speechless I become. Victor Poulin has been building  handcrafted boomerangs for the last 6+ years, all of which are his original designs. He builds them all with 10 ply finish birch. Apparently these are very expensive to make, but definitely worth it in the end. Each one is hand made to order, signed and dated on the back. Want to see this Krull Glaive in action? Check out the video after the break!

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Gold Glaive Krull Necklace – Because Why Not?


So yeah, apparently if you are into Krull (THE WORST MOVIE EVER) you too can purchase your very own Glaive gold necklace – you know, to impress the ladies! Etsy shop owner HollieGoFrightly can make you a Glaive pendant that has a gold finish, 5 tiny red crystal gems, and a clear gem in the center. It measures 1 1/2″ and hangs from a 25″ chain with lobster clasp. Now if only I could use this Glaive to kill the very existence of the movie itself. Not only would it be ironic, it would also be responsible of me. See more of this tantalizing necklace after the break:

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