Marvel’s Ant-Man Costume Comes To Life With This Leather Motorcycle Jacket


Dude – if you haven’t seen Marvel’s Ant-Man – go to the theater now and FIX IT! I’m tellIng you – you’ll love it. But seriously, go see the movie. Now – for the rest of us who have seen the movie – just kidding non-movie-goers – check out this amazing Ant-Man leather jacket! Totally looks just like the version Scott Lang wears in the movie. Thanks to Etsy shop owner MBJackets, you not only can get your hands on this beauty, but there are so many more super hero jackets to choose from like Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, and more. See more of Ant-Man’s jacket above, plus some of our other favorites after the break:

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Supergirl’s “New” Look: I Hate It!


I have nothing but respect for Melissa Benoist. I loved her on Glee, and I am sure she will make an awesome Supergirl. But hold the presses on that outfit. I hate it. And I realize that I might be the only one who is not excited about it. But before you shake your fist at me for going against the grain, here me out…

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Batman Arkham Knight Jacket: May Not Be The Jacket You Deserve, But It’s Definitely The Jacket You Need


HOLY JACKET BATMAN! – I mean, just look at the thing. It’s a source of wonder! The officially licensed jacket is made by a company called Bay 57 and is going for about $106.00 USD. Which if we all use #JennyMath, that equals roughly two tanks of gas. Who needs to drive when you can walk in style with this amazing jacket!? OH – and an item to note, this jacket is a limited run and they’re currently taking pre-orders.

Now all I need is a mask and leather pants….. or not (but yeah, I want them too). Completing the outfit people, it’s all about completing the outfit!