Hamilton: Intensity And Density

hamiltonAlthough Gabbing Geek tends to cover more traditional geek fare we’re also dedicated to geeky subjects of all kinds.  My geekiest obsession that falls outside the expected movie, comic book, and science fiction universes is theater.  I’ve been a passionate fan of musical theater and a few plays for decades and my wife and I have been known to schedule almost all of our vacations around trips to New York City or London to see shows.  Whether you too are a theater fan or just curious about that universe, I’ll be bringing my theater reviews here to Gabbing Geek just as often as I can see the shows.  First up is the grand-daddy of them all: Hamilton.  Jump after the break to find out why this show is taking Broadway and popular culture by storm.

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Gabbing Geek 54: Look Out

Gabbing Geek 54: Look Out
Gabbing Geek 54: Look Out

Watson and Ryan hold down the fort for Episode 54 of the Gabbing Geek podcast while Jenny recovers from Tiredofputtingupwithalltheircrapitis.  It’s going around.  So the Y chromosomes talk about Star Wars, Hunger Games, Mars, Alexander Hamilton, movie villains, and the summer of 2016 in movies.  You should listen to it right the heck now, or jump after the break to read even more!

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Broadway Geekery: Ryan’s Latest Theater Run


My wife, Sara, and I are huge theater nerds that frequently hit New York to see as many shows as we can. Here are the results of our latest theater run, for those interested.

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