Pretty Sure Every Geek Needs This Shirt


Can’t decide what to wear? Having trouble choosing between Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lord Of The Rings? Well never fear. We have the perfect solution for your daily dilemma. Though…. we don’t condone wearing this every day. Maybe get a couple of shirts, so you know, you smell clean. I mean come on people – grooming means you care. Yup, that pretty much sums it up. Get your very own (men or women’s sizes) over at HouseOfRodan. 

Cover Yourself Up After Second Breakfast With This Middle Earth Blanket


Did you know that there is a Hobbit Shop? A WHOLE SHOP FOR HOBBITS? Actually, it’s a whole shop for man-kind featuring lovely Lord Of The Rings & Hobbit like items! I just love this Middle Earth blanket that would probably look amazing in my living room. But I’m pretty sure that if I bring home one more piece of memorabilia from the Lord Of The Rings, that I’ll be thrown out of the house. But good people – you can do it for me! Do it for the Hobbits, do it for man-kind!