Podcast Reaction: The Ryan Edition

Ryan likes this movie.
Ryan likes this movie.

I’ve been doing podcast reactions for a while now, even before I got tapped to write for this site.  In that time, I have picked on Jenny and Watson quite a bit.  Why not?  Jenny is three ducks in a woman suit who doesn’t know who Max von Sydow is despite his memorable roles in both The Exorcist and Flash Gordon–leading to my theory that someone is finally continuing Flash Gordon‘s “To be continued” tag when Ming the Merciless is revealed to be the bad guy in Star Wars Episode VII.  Watson just has that one picture that makes it rather easy.  Heck, it doesn’t matter what other pictures I use, that picture will be the one that appears on Facebook for any article I write and use it for.

But aside from pointing out just how much Ryan likes the awful, awful Krull, I don’t pick on him that much.

I’m not going to pick on him now, because this post is an intervention.

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: NUX (Mad Max Fury Road)

Karin Olava is probably one of my new favorite cosplayers. She has done many characters which we’ve featured here in Gabbing Geek. And now she brings us NUX from Mad Max – Fury Road. See more awesome photos after the break:

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Podcast Reaction: Fixing Prequels Edition

Not shown above: a passionate love story for the ages.

This week on the podcast, those darn Gabbing Geeks discussed how to fix disappointing stories.  They also discussed pop culture mothers after Mother’s Day, but I don’t have anything to add there.  They also discussed feminist action heroes, but that might be the work of a future column.

Just go see Mad Max:  Fury Road if you haven’t already.

But I’m going to take a moment to discuss how to fix a certain infamous set of prequels.

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You Too Can Be Immortan Joe From Mad Max


HA! IT’S A GOOD DAY TO DIE!  – or not. Scratch that. Too dark. How about it’s a good day to look just like Immortan Joe from Mad Max: Fury Road without having to be a demented despot thanks to Etsy seller Thomasotom. The shop’s description reads: “This is a lifesize wearable mask measuring 19cm wide, cast in cold cast aluminium fibreglass with resin and rubber parts. It comes with an adjustable elasticated strap and foam padding on the inside.” See more scary photos after the break.

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7 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Mad Max


We’re guessing EVERYONE YOU KNOW is talking about Mad Max: Fury Road right now – are we right? I mean, here at Gabbing Geek we can’t get enough of it. Which is why were were inspired to post a video from Cinfix who does a deep dive into the whole Mad Max franchise from the original 1979 movie to Fury Road. Enjoy after the break:

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What 2015 Movie Could Surpass Mad Max on My Top Movies List?


In his mini-review of Mad Max: Fury Road, Ryan accurately says that Mad Max is the best movie of the year. That is true. It sits way atop my list for the year so far. He then says only Episode 7 has a chance to pass it up. Go home, Ryan. You’re drunk. Here are some flicks who can go past even the awesomeness that was Max.
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Another (Spoiler Free) Review Of Mad Max: Fury Road


I think anyone who reads this site and pays attention to bylines knows my thoughts on nostalgia.  Heck, I wrote a whole piece last week saying horrible things about Krull more or less for that very reason.  I wasn’t planning on seeing the new Mad Max at all for a number of reasons, ranging from not being a Mad Max fan to being generally against remakes.    But the reviews started coming in very positive, and Ryan and Watson were both raving about it, and hey, Ryan may like Krull, but Watson sure didn’t (he likes Clue), so that means there’s a variety of opinion out there.

So, I went.  And I loved it.  Further SPOILER-FREE comments after the cut.

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Get Your First Helping Of BatSup When You Go To See Mad Max

Get it?  (High five Jenny!)
Get it? (High five Jenny!)

Variety (and just about everywhere else) is reporting that the trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be attached to Mad Max: Fury Road which opens May 15th.  As if you needed more incentive to see Mad Max.  Have you seen this trailer?

It even has Bane and Bane like masks…it’s a can’t miss!