Slightly Misplaced Comics Hero Case Files #17: Maggot

"Save us, worm guy!"
“Save us, worm guy!”

Some superhero characters often give off the feeling that the rules are being made up as the creators go along.  There’s a longstanding tradition for such things.  After all, Superman in his earliest appearances could only jump long distances rather than fly, and special vision powers were out of the question.  Batman was more inclined to use lethal force, or at least not fret too much if an opponent did something that got himself killed.  But longstanding tradition is one thing.  More recent attempts to do so often look haphazard and may or may not work out.  Supposedly, all Rob Liefeld originally had in mind for Cable was a cyborg with a big gun.  Making him Cyclops’ son was nowhere near the front of his mind.

I don’t know how much of Maggot was planned out before he joined the X-Men, but there did seem to be a very much making-it-up as they went along feel for the guy.

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