Daredevil Season Two Trailer Two Will Make You Wish It Was March 18th.

Part one of the official Daredevil Season Two trailer focused on newcomer Frank Castle, aka The Punisher.  The part two trailer focuses on another newcomer, former DD lover and season one easter egg, Elektra.

Watch it after the cut.  And watch season two of Daredevil on Netflix on March 18th, but I didn’t need to tell you that.

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Celebrate Chinese New Year With A New Daredevil Promo


I think Chinese New Year was technically yesterday, but I overdosed the site with all the geek ads from Super Bowl 50.  So let’s start the day with a very short tease for Daredevil season two.  If you like seeing super heroes stand up and vigilantes say one word off screen, then this teaser is for you!

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Ryan’s 2015 Movie Rankings

number one (image can be used for printing or web)

Yes, we’re already three weeks into 2016 but I finally managed to put together my movie rankings for 2015.  Because life.  I only managed to see 51 films this year, a paltry sum compared to Watson when he isn’t even trying. And eight of those were on a plane to or from China, making the theater total even lower.  Definitely a busy year, but overall a great one for movies.  Head after the jump to see how I ranked all 51!

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Marvel’s ‘Dead No More’ Is Spider-Man Related (Right?)


I thought I saw last week that Marvel’s “Dead No More” teaser was in relation to the return of Steve Rogers as Captain America.  Which made no sense, so I’m glad that whatever I thought I saw was wrong.

Marvel has released a new teaser that you can see above and it is very clear that we are looking for something in the Spider-Man camp of titles.  But who?  Some speculation after the cut.

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Netflix Attempts To Keep Marvel Zombies Happy


If you’re a fan of Marvel’s Netflix shows so far, it was a good weekend of news for you.  First came word that Netflix and Marvel were in talks to put a Punisher show into development based on strong word of mouth for his appearance in Daredevil season two…which hasn’t even aired yet.  The Punisher seems a natural fit for the grim and gritty urban crime fighting world that Netflix has established.  We’ll know when Daredevil season two begins on March 18th if they have successfully pulled off the Frank Castle character.  Previous big screen incarnations have ranged between acceptable to downright abysmal.

Next up, though it hasn’t gotten a lot of exposure in these parts because of reasons, Jessica Jones was excellent.  So it is not overly surprising that Netflix and Marvel have announced that Jessica Jones season two is now in the works.  There isn’t much more information than that at this point.  There has been some speculation that we could see it as early as the end of the year, pointing out the 11 month gap between DD seasons 1 and 2.  Jessica Jones season 1 dropped in November of last year.  So while it is possible, I’d expect it more than likely in early 2017.

In any case, with DD season two just two months away, Luke Cage due at some point this year and now JJ season two, Iron Fist and possibly The Punisher in the pipeline, this Marvel/Netflix relationship has really prospered.

And a little teaser for Jessica Jones Season 2 after the break…

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No One Stays Dead In Comics Except Bucky, um, Jason Todd, hmmm…Uncle Ben?


A day after making headlines that there would be a major death in Civil War II that was essentially a marketing ploy, Marvel is proving their point by teasing that someone would soon be brought back from the dead.

So, who could it be?  The first one that comes to mind is Wolverine.  But with an All-New Wolverine only launched two months ago and Old Man Logan now kicking around the Marvel U, that seems unnecessary.  Professor X has a habit of routinely coming back from the dead.  As does Jean Grey, though there is a time displaced version of Jean currently around.  Possibly Namor, but seems a lot of hype for someone who most might not even realize is dead.  There is a lot of speculation online about it possibly being Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben or Original Recipe Gwen Stacy…but does anyone want that?

If you need more fuel for speculation, Marvel’s website has a list of deceased characters, but I don’t know how up to date it is.

This could also be an elaborate headfake.  And not as straighforward as it seems.  Maybe Deadpool is changing his name to Lifepool.  Or StartwritingmysequelPool.  Or some other wink and nod situation that Marvel will tease us with for awhile.

Ryan thinks it would be hilarious if whoever they bring back is the one that gets killed in Civil War II.

And these days it takes no time for parodies to appear online.  See what I mean after the break.

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Need A Refresher On Secret Wars Before The Finale On Wednesday?

That sliver with Spider-Man actually has Superman’s toe in it as well. Marvel is making sure all the bases are covered in the All-New All-Different universe.

Each issue of a comic book series is usually a month apart.  So if Secret Wars #1 came out in May 2015, January 2016 should see the release of…Secret Wars #9.  Which is the exact issue that is coming out in two days time!  I’m not sure why everyone is complaining about this series being excessively delayed.  Looks like it is right on schedule.  🙂

But if you do need a reminder of what happened in issues #1-8, or you never picked up those issues and want to start with #9 for some reason or you’re Jenny and are just curious about Secret Wars but will never read it, check out the Marvel produced video after the break.  Secret Wars, The Story So Far…

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Forget Daredevil V Batsoup, March 18th Is The Day Without Fear


Well, that March 25th Marvel/DC showdown rumor didn’t last long.  Netflix has officially announced Daredevil Season Two is dropping a week earlier than Batsoup on March 18th.  With Punisher and Elektra joining the fray and probably more Frank Miller influences than you can shake a baton at, this season is something to get very excited about.

Marvel at the poster above then check out the teaser trailer/date announcement after the cut.

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Daredevil And The Punisher Take On Superman And Batman


Marvel/Disney and DC/Warner Brothers have been circling each other, looking for weaknesses, as befits a pair of business rivals looking to earn some of the mighty audience dollars, the most powerful substance in either universe.

So, how has the most recent iteration of this rivalry come up?

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Tom’s Geek Year In Review


2015 is over in a few more hours, so how was the year we just had?  You know, from a Geek Perspective?

Some good, some bad.  Like every year.

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