Suicide Squad Are Friends You Probably Don’t Want


But they have a hell of a catchy theme song.  Check it out after the break.

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: THE DOOD


Donny – you’re out of your element if you don’t think this is the best Doctor Who / Big Lebowski mashup you’ve ever seen! I mean, he’s the Dood – So that’s what you call him. You know, that or, uh, His Doodeness, or uh, Dooder, or El Dooderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.(via Phil Vanelli)

Original Geek Art: Peanuts X-Men Mashup


Do you love X-Men? Do you love Peanuts? Well then feast your eyes on this awesome Peanuts/X-Men mashup. There is so much cute going on in this photo I don’t know where to start! How about playing a game of “Find the Woodstock Gambit?” Or how about giving props to artist Amelia Davis – Ms. David – we thank you! And for the rest of you, head over to Etsy to get your own print here.

Geek Clock To Rule All Of Space And Time


Time will never be the same with this super geek clock. Thanks to Etsy seller LetterThings, this little gem replaced all the numbers with geeky references. Truth be told that once we get a new Doctor Who, noon/midnight will be no more, but let’s just take this one day at a time. No need to rush the clock, AmIRight? And if this timepiece isn’t enough, check out the Harry Potter clock after the break:

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Game Of Thrones – Legend of Zelda Mashup


If you haven’t seen this mashup of the Game Of Thrones / Legend of Zelda intro, then you are wasting your morning away! It’s better than you think, and even better wen you see the detailing in the video. You may think you know….but you don’t. You know noting John Snow.

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