Bento Review: Ninjak: Weaponeer


Comic Bento’s latest box came with the theme of “powerless,” or when people with little or no power take on the powerful.  I was surprised to find there were no Marvel trades this time around, but the selection I did get looks very promising.

So, let’s start with the first, namely Ninjak:  Weaponeer, the first volume in the latest series featuring the Valiant character of Ninjak.  I really dug Valiant’s Rai; would I feel the same about this one?

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Comic Review: Rai Volume 2: Battle For New Japan


Comic Bento sent me the first volume to Valiant’s recent resurrection of their Rai character.  I rather liked it and reviewed it here a couple weeks ago.

So, liking it meant giving Volume Two a shot.  Review after the cut.

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Bento Review: Rai: Welcome To New Japan


I can remember, back in the 90s when Image Comics formed around Marvel’s biggest artists jumping ship to form their own company, being told by various comic shop owners and clerks about just how darn good Valiant comics was doing at about that time.

I only got a scattering of Valiant books, and while they weren’t bad, my finances can only stretch so far.

Recently, Valiant’s characters and line have returned and have been getting a lot of buzz.  And the good folks at Comics Bento sent me one…

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