Non-Geek TV From The Geek Perspective: True Detective (Season One)

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There’s a lot of TV out there, and sometimes a really promising series has a fantastic first year only to drive folks away afterwards with a less interesting follow-up.

Jimmy Impossible already covered season two while I was away on vacation, so here’s a special Non-Geek TV review of the first season–and only the first season–of True Detective.

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True Sequels We Need to See!


Back in Episode 21 of Gabbing Geek, the Geeks played a game of “Sequel, Reboot, or LET IT DIE!” In that now legendary segment (my mom liked it), we offered our not so humble opinions on how to manage some prominent Geek film properties.  A movie like Goonies, for instance, could be rebooted for a new generation, continued with the original kids now parents to a next generation of Goonies, or Let the franchise die (which is somewhat incompatible with their motto…) Some franchises were destined to be continued, yet along the way the wheels fell off the bus.  Let’s make up for Hollywood’s sins and green light a few films in the PURE SEQUEL category.

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#TBT- Watson’s Top Movies….of 2013!


The trash talk that cost me hundreds of dollars and many hours.  Instead of seeing 100, I saw 145!  But before that, I saw 52.  Here’s the post I wrote a year ago, before we launched the Gabbing Geek website.  Has it held up?

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The Most Earthlike Planets Ever…except for….well…Earth!

A Gabbing Geek post where one of the Geeks pretends to be smart…

Remember when scientists thought there was indirect proof that there might be some planets outside our solar system?  Well thanks to sciencey scientists, we now know of over 1000 exoplanets.  We even found two that were so Earthlike that the Interview is playing on VOD there.

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