It’s Never Too Early For A Kingsman 2 Teaser Poster


After being one of the surprise hits of last year, it wasn’t a big surprise when a sequel for Kingsman: The Secret Service was announced.  It was based on the (arguably superior) graphic novel The Secret Service by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons…which does not have a sequel.  So it looks like Kingsman: The Golden Circle will be an original story by director Matthew Vaughn, but I’m sure Millar will have some input.

The poster above also teases a pretty big resurrection planned for the sequel.  If you have seen the movie you will know exactly what it refers too.  If not, what is wrong with you?  Don’t you like great movies?

Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theatres in June of 2017.

Josh Trank Fantastic Four Rumors: Even If Disproved They Raise Questions


Josh Trank has had a lot of bad press lately.  A rumor was going around this weekend that made his career seem over.  He responded to set the record straight, but what is the impact that these rumors were even floating around? We look into it after the jump.

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Studio Announces Fate of Kingsman Sequel…


For some films we know opening weekend that they are destined for sequels.  Some have to wait to see how the final numbers look.  $400M globally is usually the number that spurs the discussion of go-or-no-go for a sequel to an action franchise.  Kingsman is currently sitting at $401M.  Well the conversation has occurred and we now know whether the Kingsman is a one shot flick or a franchise.

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Matthew Vaughn to Direct Flash Gordon Reboot


Sure, I don’t own any of the IP rights.  Sure, it was bound to happen anyway.  But, darnett they stole my idea!  And they have a darn good director ready to helm it.  Who should they cast?  We at Gabbing Geek know!

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Is the New Fantastic Four Movie a Hot “Mess”?

Ouch. After Matthew Vaughn called it good this week, rumors are circulating that the studio bosses don’t agree.

They are using the word “mess”! Ryan sassed me when I said this movie will tank and Fox will sell their rights back to Marvel. My crackpot theory ain’t looking so tin foil hat anymore! As usual, Ryan is a pud.

Can’t wait to see Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in Infinity War!