Podcast Reaction: Planetary Edition

Not that Planetary.
Not that Planetary.

This week on the podcast, Ryan and Watson discussed numbers and such.  Yawn.

They also debuted the Meerkat thingamajig, but I don’t have a twitter account, so that means nothing to me.

But then there was a game where Watson was challenged to see if he could recognize various fictional planets and their source material.  Ryan did call him to task for not knowing Earthsea.  To be fair, while I do know Earthsea is the product of Ursala K. Le Guin, that’s about all I know.  Plus, Earth-C is a legitimate homonym.  Captain Carrot deserves better.

But then I got to thinking about other things…

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Breaking Now! Podcast Live With Gabbing Geek! 


Come join us on MeerKat as we podcast live from Watson’s rickety table. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Meerkat @GabbingGeeks to join in on the fun.  

Meerkat Your Meerkat With Gabbing Geek Meerkat

meerkatMeerkat is the hot new social media app.  It’s getting kicked off Twitter just ahead of SXSW.  And now it’s getting banned from tech events.  It’s even made the transition from just an app name to a full on social media verb.

After experimenting with Meerkat last week, the Gabbing Geek podcasting crew decided to throw in with this bold new tech and we’re Meerkatting our podcast this week.  Find out how you can watch or what it all means after the break.

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