Discworld Read-Along #20: Hogfather


Continuing my occasional read-through of Sir Terry Pratchett’s delightful Discworld series, one novel at a time.

This week, I’m covering the 20th book, Hogfather.

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Top 5 Things I’ve Learned From Downton Abbey


I’ve heard from so many people how much they love the PBS series Downton Abbey. Which, for the longest time, I called “Downtown Abby” thinking the plot was about a girl named Abby who lived in downtown England. Much to my surprise, there was no girl named Abby anywhere to be found once I started watching the show. But just because there was no “Abby” and the story had nothing to do with going “downtown,” I still found myself sucked into the wonder and charm of early twentieth century England. Even if it is bat shit crazy.

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