Original Geek Art: Minimalist Geek Movie Posters


David Peacock of Minimal Movie Prints has a keen eye for the geek. Not only does he love geek movies (as well as a bunch of other awesome flicks) but he is an amazing artist to boot! Check out his awesome minimalist poster designs, geeky and non-geeky alike. At only $15.70 a piece, you can fill a whole room with awesomeness without breaking your budget. See more movie posters after the break :).

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Original Geek Art: Minimalist Superheros


The new Avenger’s movie is right around the corner, so why not decorate for the occasion? Thanks to artist Kade over at BigTimePosters, we can all revel in the glory that are the Avengers, Batman, and Superman. Superheros not your gig? No problem, Kade is a huge fan of Star Wars, and has created many minimalist images for that franchise as well. Get your geek on after the break:

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