Luke Didn’t Say “Carrie!” After All

"You screwed up a name?  Really?"
“You screwed up a name? Really?”

Star Wars fans have reveled in some of the mistakes in the original movie.  You can see Kenny Baker’s (the actor who played R2D2) legs behind the droid in some scenes.  The stormtrooper who hits his head on a door in the Death Star (hmmm…weren’t they all supposed to be the same height?).  Heck, here’s a nearly twelve minute video of all the mistakes you can find in Episode IV.  But the biggest mistake of them all, Luke calling out “Carrie!” after destroying the Death Star instead of “Leia!,” has just been refuted by an extremely credible source.  Find out the details after the break.

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6 Things Terminator: Genisys Did Wrong (Even Though It Was A Blast!)

"Is your name internal logic?" BLAM!
“Is your name internal logic?” BLAM!

Judging by this weekend’s box office it looks like the Terminator won’t be back and that’s a shame.  Because Terminator: Genisys was actually an excellent attempt to reboot this franchise while staying within the confines of the universe it created.  It is certainly better than the third and fourth films in the series even though it has the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score of the entire franchise.

I have a reputation for geek-raging on movies for no reason–naturally I believe my reasons to be appropriate.  I hated Jurassic World because it was the same story as the original and they didn’t try to do anything new.  So I was less inclined to forgive the silly mistakes because they weren’t even trying.  I loved Genisys because it tried to be a new story and take a familiar property in new directions–that’s bold for a franchise, especially one involving time travel.  Unfortunately, even Terminator Genisys can’t avoid some time travel problems.  So after the break we’ve got the top 6 mistakes made by an otherwise entertaining summer flick.


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