Actors Re-Imagine Famous Movie Roles


That’s how we remember Auh-nuld.  See how he and other actors look when they recreate some of their most famous roles today!

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8 Bit Matrix Is the Matrix of 8 Bit


Ryan – I dedicate this post to you, and ever other living Matrix fan. May you find freedom of the blue/red pill in this 8 bit Matrix mastery. See video after the break…or will you?

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Gabbing Geek 38: Maxi-Mom Endings

Gabbing Geek 38: Maxi-Mom Endings
Gabbing Geek 38: Maxi-Mom Endings

The latest episode of your favorite weekly geek podcast is here and we’re covering Mad Max: Fury Road, a fun game about moms of geek characters, and we rewrite endings to our favorite geek properties.  Listen to it now or jump after the break to find out more!

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