Bad Movie. Great Movie Poster.

Batman-1989-TeaserOk, so the 1989 Batman wasn’t a bad movie.  I’m trolling you a little.  But it was a disappointment to me relative to how excited the poster above had me.  In an era before The Facebook, this was all we had to go on for our notice.

I remember walking into the theater one day and finding out there was a Batman movie because THIS teaser poster was on the wall.  This was back when there was still an element of surprise in geek movies.  The movie was a let down compared to the hype of the poster.

What other movies had really strong movie posters but missed the mark on delivering a good movie?  Fair warning.  These movies are ACTUALLY bad!

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Andy Fairhurst: Geek Artist Extraordinaire

Look at this and tell me your heart isn't beating faster.
Look at this and tell me your heart isn’t beating faster.

Geek + art = magic.  And there’s no better example of this then Andy Fairhurst.  His clever approach to taking a new angle on geek properties is beyond amazing.  Check out his full website here (be sure to check Gallery > Posters for all the awesome movieness) and check the most mind-blowing Back to the Future prints you’ve ever seen after the break.

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