Gabbing Geek 21: Golden Son & Prophecies

This. Read this. Now. Unless you haven’t read the first book. In which case, read that. Then read this.


Gabbing Geek’s first podcast of 2015 is now live and we FINALLY get to talk about Golden Son, the second book in the Red Rising trilogy.  If you’ve read the first book, Red Rising, or don’t care about spoilers for the first book, then you’ll absolutely want to listen to this episode–we don’t spoil anything for book 2.  But if you want to participate in our Gabbing Geek Book Club in 4 weeks, be sure to read both Red Rising and Golden Son (they’re page turners, you won’t have any problems, Jenny guarantees it!). Continue reading Gabbing Geek 21: Golden Son & Prophecies

Expand the Best Acting Categories to Ten Nominations? No, Thank You!

You Get an Oscar! YOU Get an Oscar! YOU GET AN OSCAR! Sorry…. not you, Leonardo DiCaprio….

Peter Hammond of poses the question, “Should there be 10 slots for the acting categories?”  In all fairness to Mr. Hammond, who is quite astute in his assessment of the field, he does acknowledge that readers will come after him for his opinion.  It almost makes me want to avoid criticizing him, as I appreciate self-awareness.

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Star Wars Episode 7: Bad Ass Kung Fu Awakens?

The excellent team at Schmoesknow dropped a great story on Episode 7 featuring three martial artists and a stunt coordinator from the Raid 2 in the film.  Meaning we could get to see some sweet moves; hopefully with lightsabers!

The trio is also linked to Andy Serkis somehow in possible motion capture. This rumor, if true (and the SK team are solid), get our blood moving!

Lucas would have had them be the trade ferderation we’re guessing.

Source: Schmoesknow

Watson’s Twenty Worst Films of 2014

“Abandon all hope, you who enter here.”

Dante Alighieri

(and William Watson)

Dallas, TX

I set out to see at least 100 new releases in 2014 as a kind of geek affectation/New Years Resolution.  I wound up seeing 145!  You can imagine there were some REALLY DREADFUL MOVIES in the mix.  Don’t worry gentle jerkwads!  I saw them so you didn’t have to.  Here is my review of the 20 WORST movies of 2014!

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Moving on up…to the Website!


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