Simpsons Did It!: “Moaning Lisa”


It’s time for a true confession:  I don’t care too much for Lisa-centric episodes.

The reason is I watch The Simpsons for its sense of humor, and Lisa-centric episodes tend to be, well, less funny.  Lisa is not, on her own, a particularly humorous character.  She can be funny when dealing with the other members of the family, but her episodes tend to be more about emotional connections, often to Homer or occasionally Bart.  It fits the character well, but it doesn’t make for particularly funny episodes.  At least at this stage in the series, we haven’t gotten to Preachy Lisa yet, the one who acts like she knows better than everybody else.

But here’s the first Lisa-episode.  And wouldn’t you know it, the ignored Simpson sibling doesn’t get a focus of her own until after Bart’s gotten two…

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